Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pearls, lace, polka dots, buttons, and.....body piercings?!

It's been so long since I've posted. For the entire month of June and part of July I was working showroom for Moschino and its various lines. My time there was great! At times it was utterly exhausting (imagine getting changed into different outfit as fast as you possibly can for 8 hours straight) but everyone there was really great to work with and we had a lot of laughs. While I don't have any pictures of me at the showroom ( =[ sad face) I have however found pictures of some of the clothes I did get to wear! So here's a few of my favorites.
*Note: model in photos is not me. All photos from*

Moschino Cheap & Chic Resort 2011
Color, prints, and.....bobby pins??

I love this dress and jacket. They just look so chic, clean, and polished.

This dress is super cute and was really comfortable. Luckily, I didn't have to wear that bow or those boots.

This jacket is fantastic! It's so beautiful and sophisticated looking. It's actually modeled after an older jacket they had that Princess Diana wore all the time!

This dress is neat because, see those gold tassel looking things on the shoulders?! Those are actually gold bobby pins! Props for creativity!
And those shoes are super comfortable and easy to walk in.

This was my favorite dress of the Cheap and Chic collection. Though I must say this picture does not do it justice. It's actually way sexier in real life. I (and everyone else that works there) want this dress!

Moschino Signature Resort 2011
Pearls, lace, polka dots, buttons, and.....body piercings?!

I feel like this dress is so feminine and delicate.

This jumper is so fun! The pant legs are huge. One model accidentally put it on wrong and fit her whole body in the one pant leg. The belt cardigan is great too. Super comfortable and the belt gives it something different.

This jacket reminds me of a straight jacket. Yes, those are buckles and yes, you do have to do/undo them to get in and out.

See all those metal things on there?! Those are bike chains and body piercings. Talk about a wild idea. Those decorative pockets have nipple rings on them! There's even a matching jacket and skirt.

This jacket is intense. It's filled with buttons!

Unfortunately some of my favorite pieces from the signature line weren't featured on Booo! But I hope I'll be back soon to see the smiling faces at Moschino!

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