Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Ugliest Shoes I've Ever Seen

While browsing around looking at sick shoes that I would love to own,
I also came across a few really ugly shoes.
So I had just had to share.
Enjoy =]

I think we can all agree that heels are sexy.
But please, 1 inch heels are a crime.

These are the next level up from ugly toe socks

Crocs are probably the most horrid shoes on earth. I really don't understand their popularity.
And when we all thought we would get a break from that eye sore during the winter months,
guess again.

I bring you,
The Yeti!

The Moose

Fish Flops?


Mhmm, that's right...uhuhhh OH NO!
Check yourself girl, you got a camel toe!

Lastly, I give you,
Flipper heels

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