Monday, June 7, 2010

Patricia Field Swim Show

Patricia Field is one of my favorite designers. Her style and designs make a statement. So I was more than thrilled when I found out I was walking in a show for her. A swim show none the less. Making it even more fun. The show was in a building on 5th ave and 27th st. Which made for a great view of the Empire state building. I snapped a quick pic from the make-up/hair/dressing room area window.

The show took place on the roof top. There was a winding stage that was filled with decorations. Among those decorations were a bunch of realistic looking mannequins dressed in other swim suits that none of the models were wearing. There were palm trees, a stuffed zebra, and a stuffed cheetah. Which were very cool.

All the styling had a very Barbie feel to it. I got to wear a pretty blue two piece, with multi-colored gem stones, a cute little red bag, shoes that were easy to walk in (score!), a rainbow cheetah print towel, gold earings (that were apparently very expensive), and sunglasses (which made walking that runway in dark very difficult).

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Eyes of Tammy Faye

So while I was searching around the internet I found pictures from a shoot I did a long while back. Feb of 09 to be exact. I shot with Tracy Morford for Working Class Magazine. We did a shoot on Tammy Faye Baker. Tammy Faye Baker was a christian minister who had her own tv broadcast show. She was well-known for her intense make up. She wore a TON of eye makeup. Caked on mascara with fake eyelashes and her eyebrows were tattooed on. For the shoot I got to be Tammy Faye, with her crazy make-up.

Hair Marcel Dagenais
Makeup Lindsay Hile
Styling Becca Floco
Retoucher Jaz Harold
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