Monday, January 31, 2011

Castings Day 1: Jan 31 2011

Fashion Week castings have began!
While I had a few over the weekend, today was very busy.
Just like September, I'm going to be logging fashion week.

Monday, January 31st 2011
Castings Day 1
Castings: 7 castings and show room
Start Time: 11am
End Time: 10pm

After I finished my castings I went straight to Moschino show room to work for a few hours. They recently got a new collection in and wanted to see all the new items and put together looks.

During lunch I stopped by the Model Lounge for a presentation they were having with Pippa Lord from ELLE magazine. She went over a few basic do's and don'ts for castings. It was interesting to hear what she finds important when meeting models. However, I feel that the most influential part of her presentation was her passion for the industry. It was inspiring to hear and shows that we are all here for the love of creativity, fashion, and art.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Gian Andrea di Stefano

Every once in a while I like to go back and look at the websites of photographers that I've previously worked with.
Sometimes you find images of yourself that you've never seen before.
Those sneaky photographers =P

Recently I found some new images I'd never seen when visiting,
Which I'm really excited about!
I think Gian is an amazing photographer!
 And I love this editorial, so I'm glad I found more =]
Be sure to check out his other work.

Here's the story I shot with him.

My ballet background really came in handy for this shoot.

The Fashion Show: Ultimate Collection

This past Tuesday I was on TV. I've now been on TV 4 times!
This time it was for Bravos The Fashion Show.
The Fashion Show is a competition where clothing designers compete to be the best designer.
A lot like Project Runway.

Tuesday was the airing of the finale of the show.
I walked as one of Calvin's models.
There's a few glimpses of me here and there in the fittings, backstage, and the show.

Congratulations to Jeffery for winning!


In other news....
Here in nyc it has been snow storm after snow storm.
It is turning out to be very unpleasant for castings. Yesterday my shoes, socks, and feet were soaked.
Every cross walk is filled with huge puddles that you have to do acrobatic moves to get over.
Here's what going to castings yesterday looked like....

Yup, That's someones car in there.

I'll be sharing my fashion week madness here soon!

Monday, January 24, 2011

I Hurt I Am In Fashion

I recently came across this blog...
I Hurt I Am In Fashion
The blog pokes fun at the fashion industry.
There are a few posts that had me rolling on the floor laughing and I had to share.
Here's a few of my favorites.

"She could only hope
that this time she wouldn't get paid
with the clothes"

"When asked why she created Numero,
Elizabeth Dijan said:
I was bored with magazines that
told me how to seduce a man"

"38 brushes, 5 eye shadows, 9 pencils,
3 bronzers, 7 hairsprays, 2 eyelash curlers,
and 1 Gatorade later
her looks became acceptable"

There are tons of other funny posts.
Go check it out =]

Saturday, January 22, 2011


One of the good and bad things about modeling is trade.
Trade is when you get paid in clothing.
On the negative side, trade doesn't pay the rent.
Some clients get greedy with it as well.
There have been plenty of times I haven't gotten trade that was owed to me. Or times when I was given items that were so ugly the moths wouldn't even eat them!
But on the positive side, some of my favorite clothing items have come from trade.

So here are a few items I've recieved over the years.

Please excuse the horrible photography job. It's really hard to shoot yourself by balancing a camera on a stack of items and running back and forth to click the timer.
Plus I'd like to take a moment to complain about how the red eye corrector, corrects my red hair.

Tibi Bow Dress

Jenni Kayne Black Dress

Jenni Kayne Leather Jacket

Laila Azhar Keyhole Dress

Catherine Malandrino Cardigan Sweater

Cesar Galindo Paint Dress

Helen Yarmak Fox Fur Vest

Jenni Kayne Long Sleeve Black Dress

That's it for now. But there's plenty more where that came from!

Monday, January 17, 2011


Good skin is a very beautiful thing.
Taking care of it is important, specially as a model.

Everyone has different skin. So it's important to know what works for you. I personally have dryer skin. So I use creams for dry skin. The same creams I use would be too much for someone with oily skin.

Right now my favorite skin care company is Sabon.
They have a few locations but also sell online.

I use Sabons Desert Flower Facial Moisturizer
It's for dry skin. But they have other face creams for oily and combination skin.
I put this on twice a day in the winter and once a day in the summer.

I also really love Sabons Night Serum.
It really helps keep my skin feeling soft and young.

Keeping your face clean helps keep pores from clogging and pimples from forming.
I was my face twice a day.
Personally, I think that the expensive face soaps work just as well as the cheaper ones.
How ever, I have clearer skin so that may not be the case for other people. Again, its all what works for your skin type.
I just use what ever Olay face soap catches my fancy. Usually ones with exfoliating beads.

Drinking a lot of water and healthy eating also keep your skin in good condition.

What skin care do you use??

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Zombie or Super Model?

I had a friend send this to me and figured I would share,
Enjoy =]

(Click the image to make it bigger)

Friday, January 14, 2011


I always get compliments on what great hair I have.
While yes, I was lucky to be born with healthy hair, I also do a lot to keep it that way.
Every ones hair is different, so you need to find what works for you,
but here's what I use!

My hair is dyed. So I used shampoo and conditioner for dyed hair.
Redken Color Extend Shampoo & Conditioner

Sometimes, specially during Fashion week, my hair gets fried and super dry.
When its super dry I use a deeper conditioner.
Phyto Dry Hair Mask

I LOVE this mask!

While masks really help restore moisture to your hair,
it's important to try and prevent your hair from being dried out.
Blow dryers, curling irons, straighteners all really dry out the hair.
Using a styling spray can really help. I use,
Bumble and Bumble Styling Lotion

That's my hair care!
If anyone has any products they suggest using let me know!
I'm always up for trying something new =]

Thursday, January 13, 2011


It's been a hot minute since I last posted, my apologies!!
So here's a quick update on what I've been up to....

  • Thanksgiving at my parents
  • Charity event for Kidney Disease
  • Moschino Showroom
  • Sally Hershberger promotional videos
  • Shot product looks for Barneys
  • Christmas and New Years at my parents
  • My Birthday
I'm starting something new here, it's called Monthly Wish list.
It's simply a few fashion items I'd love to have. =]

January Wishlist
Dress: Free People; Handbag: Rebecca Minkoff; Shoes: Jeffery Campbell

Fashion Week is coming soon!
Only 2 more weeks till castings start,
I'll be posting about my daily life of running around then =]
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