About Me

Hello Everyone!
I’m Alyssa Young.

I grew up in a town outside of Philadelphia, PA.
My childhood dream was to become a professional ballet dancer.
I spent 13 years training intensely to become a ballet dancer.
 I had the opportunity to perform on various stages in various places around the country, and world.

 Unfortunately my height became a problem for dancing. I’m 5’11 and 6’5 in point shoes.
Which makes partnering and fitting into groups very hard.
So I decided to take a trip up to New York City and give modeling a try.

I went into Elite Model Management for an open call and they handed me a contract on the spot.
From there I spent 2 years with them, and I'm now currently signed with Major Model Management in New York City.
I've spent 3 years traveling and working as a fashion model around the world.
I have visited and lived in a lot of cool places around the world.
Places like New York city, London, Vienna, Cayman Island, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and Paris.

I write this blog to share my experiences and fashion adventures.
Outside of modeling I'm also a student.
I take classes online out of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh.
I'm getting my degree in Graphic Design.
I love art, fashion, dance, and things only 5 year old girls should like.
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