Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hair History

Modeling over the years has caused me to make a few changes to my hair.
This is pretty typical of every model. At some point, some client will want to color it, your bookers will decide you look better with bangs, or it'll just be too damaged and need a major cut.

Here's a timeline, a history of my hair
and how it has changed with modeling.

Before I started Modeling

Before I started modeling I was pretty much Rapunzel.
In this photo, my hair is tied up in a ponytail on top of my head
and I'm arching my back a little just to get it all in the photo.
So it's actually longer than what it looks like in this photo.

First Started Modeling

I was still pretty much all hair when I started modeling.

First Major Cut

Elite and I decided to cut my hair to better appease more clients.
We cut about 7 inches off. I remember going to a casting right after cutting it,
the casting director commented on my how long my hair was. I thought he was crazy, it felt so short to me!
However, as you can see it was still really long.

Second Major Cut

I booked a hair job. The client wanted to do Before and After shots for their salon.
They cut a ton of hair off, put in layers, and made my hair a lot blonder.
It's a job I regret doing, as you can book hair jobs that pay $10,000 + to do the same thing.
This was not one of them. I never even saw the photos from the shoot.

End of Elite
When my time at Elite came to an end my hair had grown quite a bit more.
I kept blond highlights, but a more subtle tone.

Signed with Major Models

When I signed with Major I dyed my hair red.
Since then I've fallen in love with my red hair.
And so have many clients.

What major hair changes have you experienced??


Wunmi W-A said...

love the hairrrr!!

all of them..

i prefer it long though

ace blog.. youre really pretty!! :)

TOPCOAT said...

love the hair, it's amazing seeing how it's changed through the years!! xx

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