Saturday, February 25, 2012

Model Lounge Fashion Week Survival Kit

This fashion week Model Lounge provided an awesome survival kit! 
Normally with gift bags you figure you'll like maybe a product or two. But they really selected some great stuff for the fashion week gift bags. So here is my review of the products. Now you can know just what a model needs in her survival kit for fashion week!

The Tote Bag

I have around 3 Model Lounge bags now and this one is by far my favorite. There is plenty of room to fit my portfolio, heels, smart water, and whatever else I need. I really like the zipper closure because then I don't have to worry about things falling out or pick pockets on the subway. 
The part that I dislike is that there are like 7,000 other models with the exact same bag. I'm afraid someone will take my bag thinking it's theirs or I'll take someones thinking it's mine. I'm currently coloring the letters pink just to set mine apart. 

This is a great carrying size. Easy to slip into your bag to quick apply before you hit the runway. 
Feels great and smells great too!

Again this is a great carrying size. However I don't like that you have to use your finger to apply it. Running around to castings, fittings, and shows means a lot of subway riding. And if there is one thing I have learned after years of living in NYC, it is that you DO NOT touch your face or food after riding the subway. So many disgusting things happen on the MTA. I've seen people blow snot out of their nose all over the seats. I have seen people poop their pants in subway seats. But probably the winner of most disgusting things I have witness happen on the NYC subway homeless smelly unwashed man who was reaching down his pants, scratching his balls, and then picking the dead skin ball cheese residue out from under his finger nails onto the seats. Just think, you could be the person who sat down in that later in the day. 

But not all is lost! This is a great night time lip mask. Put on a thick layer before bed and you'll wake up with amazing feeling lips =]

I've seen commercials for these before and always thought they were kind of gimmicky. However after trying them I think they're fantastic. The freshening bead is really powerful and between the bristles and the pick they really get your teeth clean quick. It's not something I would use everyday as I'm not looking to start a wisp budget, but they're great for emergencies. 

I always forget to pack snacks. And then an hour into my job I'm dying hungry. Having a little snack pack definitely saved me!

The blades on this are a lot sharper than my previous razor. Which is fantastic. The trimmer is a neat feature but one I don't think I will use. There's no part of me that I shave and would prefer a trim over a clean smooth shave. I don't think clients want me just trimming my armpit hairs either. 

Having been a model for a few years I almost never walk around in my heels. 
1. You'll never make it to all of your castings if you're running around in your heels. 
2. You'll destroy your heels much faster wearing them to do the traveling to castings in. 
Therefore I buy trendy flat shoes (combat styled boots, ballet flats, oxfords) to do the traveling part of my day. 
However, fashion week includes a lot of after parties. To which I'm not carrying a bag along to these parties just for a change of shoes. These "Fast Flats" fit perfectly into my going out clutch. Which is amazing news for my feet on the commute back home. 

This is pretty much may favorite product in the bag. It is standard to wear a nude thong at any job as a model. And I feel like I can never have enough of them. (Although that may be because I'm lazy with laundry and would rather have a 3 month supply of nude thongs than travel down to the laundromat that I live above of to wash clothes). 
These are so soft and leave zero panties lines.
I plan on buying like 10 more. 

Since a good chunk of my hair got burned off this fashion week, again, this is a much appreciated product. It is a leave in product meant to provide heat protection and keep hair strong.

Thanks a lot to Model Lounge and all of the participating fashion week partners!!!

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