Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Fabulous End

I have very mixed feelings about furs.
One on hand fur coats are absolutely beautiful.
On the other hand, I love animals and don't want them being hurt =[
But my last show of New York Spring 2011 Fashion Week, was fur.

Helen Yarmak
This show was probably the most fabulous day of my life.
Helen is Russian, and if there is anything to know about Russians, it's they like to party.
The best parties I've ever been to have all been Russian parties.

The show took place in the Helen Yarmak showroom. Which due to limited space, we actually had 7 shows through out the day.
I was one of the first models to arrive. The showroom was one of the penthouses in a building on 5th ave, bordering Central Park. Which made for an AMAZING view.

From there I had hair and make-up done.

(a shot from my phone)

After that the Vodka arrived, and it was Martinis for EVERYONE!
Here's pretty much how the day went.....
Vodka, Fur show, Chocolate, Vodka, Food, Chocolate, Vodka, Fur show, Vodka, Fur, Vodka, Vodka, Chocolate, Shots, Vodka, Fur, and Vodka with Fur.

There were Russian Hors d'oeuvres.
Which consisted of caviar, salmon on bread, some sort of chicken salad crepes, and some cake thing.
There were Russian candies and tons Russian chocolates (so delicious!)
Then the vodka.
They had vodka with pineapples in it, vodka with cherries in it, vodka smoothie shots, and at least 3 different types of martinis. (Lychee was the best, yum)

At one point I was waiting for the bathroom and a photographer comes stumbling out.
And of course I had the pleasure of getting to use the toilet that he sprayed down for me.
It isn't a party till someone can't pee straight!

Anyway, enough talk. On to the coats!

My first coat was made of fox. It was a dark brownish/black color that turned into red at the tips.
It matched my hair!

Looks like a bear!

My 2nd coat was fox as well. It was dyed turquoise.

My 3rd and last coat was a black vest. Not sure what animal it is =/

Just have to say, this was probably the most Fabulous day of my life.
Lounging around in $50,000+ fur coats, sipping martinis, and eating chocolate.

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