Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Malan Breton

I really enjoyed being a part of Malan Bretons show this season.
I really loved the whole theme of the show. It was very 20's.
The music for the show was provided by a 65 piece orchestra! There was a dance duet in the middle of the show, and two black poodles that graced the runway.

Outfit #1

This outfit has a funny story,
I got dressed in this look, but the outfit didn't have a cami with it.
So the dresser taped down the jacket with double stick tape to keep my boobs from popping out.
(this is common trick used when garments are low cut)

All of the models are lined up ready to go. I'm near the front in my outfit.
The way the runways are laid out make it possible for a few people in the audience able to see backstage.
So if you're close to going on, some people can see you before you go.

I've created an illustration to better explain this.

Tan circles = People
Light blue area = Visibility

So there I am standing backstage, in my pants and jacket, about to start the show.
When suddenly Malan runs over saying the outfit needs a shirt underneath it!
Someone grabs a tank top, I quick rip off the jacket, tear the double stick tape off my chest, and in the process of putting the tank top on, I realize I'm in full visibility.
I look up and about 16 people sitting in the audience are wide eyed, jaws open, and leaned over so far they're just about falling out of their seats looking at my boobs.
So embarrassing!

But the outfit was fixed!

And my finale outfit!

Stayed tuned for more! Kisses

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Nicola said...

Alyssa- That's a funny story about your outfit. I can only imagine! And how embarrassing!! You look great! I'm dancing with max and Nadia again!! Nadia has facebook if you want to add her as a friend. Hope you are doing well and staying busy!!

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