Wednesday, March 2, 2011


As a model (and as a girl) I LOVE clothing.
I have an ever growing wishlist, but unfortunately a limit to my funds.
That's why I get really excited whenever I find a sale or better yet, a site that always has a sale!
Bluefly is a great place to find sick deals!
The even better part, sick deals on designer labels.
Labels like Marc by Marc Jacobs...
Marc by Marc Jacobs

One sick deal are these cute shorts...
Originally: $148.00
Bluefly: $58.99
That's a 60% save!

The site also has shoes and accessories!
Such as, Marc Jacobs Hand Bags

Originally: $1,995.00
Bluefly: $1,596.00

Here are a few other great finds I came across...

Miss Sixty Military Jacket
Originally: $140.00
Bluefly: $84.00

Qi Cashmere Black Double V Dress
Originally: $275.00
Bluefly: $139.99
49% Save

Matt & Nat Pink Bag
Originally: $165.00
Bluefly: $95.99
42% Save

See what great deals you can spy with your little eye!

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Becca. said...

loving those shorts, they are gorgeous!

thankyou for the comment on my blog!xxxxxxx

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