Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Life Ball

One of my favorite jobs I've ever worked was Life Ball.
Life Ball is a HUGE annual AIDS charity event that goes on in Vienna Austria.
The event takes place at the city hall building.
They build a huge stage that extends far out from the building.
But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Before I go any further I want to express how upset I am!
I had a horrible camera at the time and have very few pictures from the event =[
Merely writing doesn't do the event justice, matter of fact, neither do pictures!
But I'll try my best.

So it all started with our plane ride there.
We had an entire commercial airliner all to ourselves!
Which came with free drinks, even alcoholic ones, and snacks. And believe me, people took well advantage of the open bar.
The nicest part was I had an entire row of chairs to myself. I made a make shift bed and napped the whole way there. Well, that was until a very drunk Andre J sat on my head.

Once we arrived there was a red carpet rolled out at our plane door. There were celebrities on the plane, one being Amanda Lepore.
Next we checked into our hotels, had fittings, and a welcoming cocktail party.
The event hosts a wide range of performances. From dancers to singers, to speeches, to fashion shows, and so on. I was a part of the sexy Agent Proovocateur lingerie fashion show.

The next day was show day!
All of city hall was cleared out for the event. There was a huge stage built coming out of the building to the outside. Where a crowd of 20,000+ people gathered. The whole event was packed with celebrities. Also, the event was a costume party! All of the guests arrived in costumes. And extravagant costumes at that! It put halloween to shame.

To be honest, I don't know much about what went on during the show. I never got to see it =[
But I do know that it was crazy! Dancers, singers, performers of all kinds.
Then it came time for our sexy Agent Provocateur lingerie show.

After the entire show had finished was a huge party. There were 9 different areas within city hall that were all like a different night clubs. Their own djs, bars, dancers, and crowd. It went well into the morning! I didn't leave till 6 something AM.

After that we got breakfast, headed to the airport, and traveled back to America.
It was one big party weekend. One of the best jobs I've ever been hired for.
And an experience I'll NEVER forget.


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