Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Look Back: Auckland, New Zealand

Since I started this blog sometime after I started modeling there are some things that I've never covered.
My first trip ever was to Auckland New Zealand!

That was the most unreal actual sunrise I've EVER seen.

I was signed with Clyne models in Auckland.

Just to clear things up New Zealand is a country below Australia, not a city in Australia. You wouldn't believe how many people I've come across who think that.
It's most well known for its scenery. The Lord of the Rings was filmed there.
Anyway, back to modeling...

I lived in NZ for 3 months.
It was one of the most fun and most depressing times of my life.
I went there with another model from Elite, Jessie Snow.
Amazing girl that I'm still friends with today. She taught me how to cook!

We lived in a nice house outside of the city.
Here's a few images from the back yard and neighborhood.

Pretty beautiful huh?
The neighborhood was gorgeous and really safe. That lake was created by a volcano.
But, we had bedbugs! Which made our time very....itchy.

Auckland city itself was busy.
The terrain was a lot different than New York. There were a lot of steep hills and it somehow always felt like like you were walking up hill.
The cross walks make interesting laser sounds.
And they drive on the other side of the street.

The beautiful part about NZ was the scenery. It's absolutely stunning there. The sky is so blue, bright blue. And the grass and trees are really green. There's mountains, beaches, volcanoes, lakes...my camera doesn't do it justice.
Here are some images from various outings.

One of the crazy things about NZ is that prostitution is legal there.
I often saw transvestite hookers screaming at each other across the street. I wanted to snap a picture with one of them but I didn't dare ask.
While I was there they had a huge parade. But not like any I've ever seen before.
It was a parade for the adult film industry!
I took a few videos of the parade but due to nudity I'm unable to upload them. However, here are a few still from the parade....

I still can't believe this was allowed down the biggest street in the city!

This post is long and picture heavy enough.
I'll upload some of the work I did there in another post.


Jessie Popelka said...

Thanks for the shout out boo :) That was a nice little trip down memory lane for me!

Lisa said...

Came across your blog quite by accident. I am a New Zealander.. live in Auckland and I recognise many of the photos you have posted. I am alot older than you but was in the modelling industry myself for a number of years. I have found you blog interesting to read. My son is signed up with Clyne....and yes it is abit of sad state of affairs that 'parade'... just unbelivable it is allowed.... All the best

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