Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Show Package

So far the week has had a slow start, but by the looks of tomorrow, things are only getting started!
Here's the past 2 days...

Monday, August 30th
Castings: 3 castings
Start: 10am
Lunch: 1230pm
End: 5pm
Monday was a really easy day. Only 3 castings, nice weather, and I got to eat lunch!

Tuesday, August 31st
Castings: 4 castings
Start: 930am
Lunch: 3pm
End: 2pm

On another note, Models.com posted Majors show package!
The show package includes all the girls that the agency wants to promote for shows. Cards are made specially for the package. Here's mine!

Here's the link to the rest of the package. Go check it out and leave some comments =]


Lauren Galbo said...

alyssa young is gorgeous! :)

Will said...

;) Well, good luck!!
hope to see your varieties of shows!

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