Thursday, September 30, 2010

Alice + Olivia

Another one of my favorite shows this season was Alice + Olivia. This show was actually a presentation. The stage we stood on was decorated with a cool set, similar to Candela.
There was a piano, a staircase, benches, a large curtain, an old tv, old record players, the whole works.
Here's a picture of the side of the stage I wasn't on.

And here's a picture from my side of the stage.

I'm underneath the staircase.
Here's just me.

One of the best parts was the benches. Through out the presentation the models got to switch off sitting on the various benches and other props near by.
Too many times I've heard of girls passing out during presentations. I think every client should provide an opportunity to sit for a few minutes, and a drink and snack. No designer wants their presentation to be remembered as "the show a girl passed out and cracked her head open at". Believe me, that happens.

Anyway, this was more like a huge party than a show really.
There were a tonnnn of guests. The most I've ever seen at a fashion show.
There was an open bar and THREE musical performances.

Here's a video, enjoyyy! =]

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