Friday, September 17, 2010

One Day you're in. And the next day, you're out.

Thursday morning was the filming for Project Runways finale at Lincoln Center.
If you've been following the show, you know that there's no were near the finale 3 yet. In fact there were 10 designers. So all 10 created lines that walked in the tents as to not give away who the finalists really are. Everyone created an awesome line to present in Lincoln Center!

The call time on Thursday for Project Runway was 5am! I woke up at 4am that morning and at one point I was so tired I literally forgot my name.

After that I ran to do the Hair and Make-up test for the Venexiana show.

Then I ran to my next show...

Candela had a presentation in the Jane Hotel.
The room itself had neat decorating and then the stage they built was even cooler.
The theme seem to be Western Native American feel to it.
The stage had a tee pee, wooden crates and barrels, animal furs, and the music really tied it all together.
Lucky for me, after such a long day, I got to sit on a barrel.

Here's a few shots of the stage design!

And here are a few from the fitting! =]

more shows to come.....

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