Friday, September 24, 2010


Venexiana was one of my favorite shows from this season. The designer, Kati Stern, is really exciting to work with. She's very passionate and knows exactly what she wants. Her collection was beautiful. The colors and movement in the dresses were inspiring. I was honestly very sad when this show was over. I didn't want it to end!

The Venexiana show was at Lincoln Center.
The make-up was heavy on the eye. Which I love. It was a black eye that extended far put with gold and teal Incorporated. With some of the heaviest fake eye lashes I've ever worn.
The hair was a loose up-do with some crimped pieces hanging down. It was very Renaissance inspired.

I got to wear 3 different dresses.
The first was a short blue strapless dress.

Second I wore a longer orange strapless dress.

The thrid and last dress I wore was a beautiful black one shoulder with flowery blue and gold detailing.

And I leave you with a video of the show =]

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