Sunday, September 5, 2010

Stupid Question of the Day

Previously I wrote a post on the Top 10 dumbest Questions that men ask me on the street, and I have a new one!

The Stupid Question of the day is...
Are you a basketball player?

I think that this question may take the cake for the stupidest question, Because anyone with half a brain could take one look at me and see that the answer is clearly, no.

Let's take a quick look at my body type.

My arms are so small they practically don't exist.
I have zero shoulder muscle and even less chest muscle.
Honestly, I'd probably get sore dribbling a basketball.

NOW let's take a look at some WNBA players.

These women are JACKED.
Both of my biceps don't even make up one of theirs.
Actually, both of my biceps AND triceps combined probably don't even make up one of their toe muscles.
That woman in the middle is an animal!

I can't do a push up. I can't even do a girl push up. Matter of fact, I get sore using 3lb weights, no joke.
These woman EAT 3lb weights and do one handed push ups in their sleep.


Look at my arms. Now look at their arms.

There's really no comparison.
And really no logical thought process behind asking me if I'm a basketball player.


Here's my Fashion Week Log for the day! =]

Sunday, Septemeber 5 2010
New York City
Castings: 6 Castings
Start: 930am
Lunch: 1pm
End: 6pm

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