Tuesday, November 9, 2010


After Paris I hopped on a train over to London.
I went to London for a few days to meet with agencies.
I arrived on a Sunday and after checking into my hotel, it was off site seeing!!

I had been to London before, but only for a day. So I knew that there is great shopping. I decided that I would trip NOT go to areas that were good for shopping, only problem was I didn't remember what those areas were. Of course, my hotel was located right by Oxford Circus. Probably the best shopping I've ever seen! So I did some quick browsing. I wanted to buy everything from every store. My conclusion was,
Top Shop UK = The meaning of life.

After that it was off to Buckingham Palace!
This is where the Queen lives and the famous red guards are.
Honestly, I don't really find the building THAT impressive.

A close up of a guard.
They are so far away!

Here's a close up of the crest on the gate.
So jealous! I want a unicorn crest.

A statue out front

While I was walking through the park by the Palace I came across a river, the trees split and there was a castle like building through the opening.
I have no idea what the building is, but I thought it looked really Disney Castle like!

From there I went to Westminster Abbey.
I really wanted to go in but it was closed to the public Sunday, and really expensive to go in.
So I bring you the outside! =P

Big Ben


A street sign, enough said.

Coming up is my trip from the Cayman Islands!

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tetyana said...

awesome photos!

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