Friday, November 12, 2010

Cayman Island Fashion Solstice: Day 2

I was rencenly in the Cayman Islands for a 4 day fashion event going on there.
Incase you missed my recap of Day 1, here it is
Cayman Fashion Solstice Day 1

Day 2, Friday we got up and had breakfast at 8am.
 While we were waiting for the van after breakfast to take us to our fittings, I noticed that roosters and iguanas run wild all over the island.

Once the van was loaded it was off to the Ritz for fittings.
When we got there, there was a little breakfast left. So I made myself some tea and was checking out these cookie looking things.

I picked one up and they felt slimmier than a cookie. So I thought maybe it was melty white chocolate.
I started eating it and it tasted horrible! I'm standing there about the start gagging trying to figure out what this food is.
Half way through eating it I realized what it was, it was Butter!

Then we started our fittings.
Here I am trying on shoes to go with a dress by Laquan.
P.S. Please ignore my Cayman food child

For lunch we went to a place called Tikki Beach.
It was this really open tent like restaurant that was right on the beah.
I had the Jerk Chicken Penne Pasta. So good!!
After Lunch it was back to more fittings, which took up all day.

Once we finished the fittings it was off to the All White Party at Osetra Bay.
Osetra Bay is a beautiful restaurant on the water but they had it cleared out for us. It was a similar open tent type area that went into a closed off lounge area on one side and the ocean on the other.
Here's an image of the place I found online. Doesn't do it justice!

When I found out about the White party before I left NYC I was a little worried. I don't own white. I live in nyc, I wear black. Wearing all black in nyc is pretty much the law. The most white I own is socks.
But luckly a friend let me borrow a dress that worked out perfectly!

We enjoyed food, drinks, dancing, and a lot of laughs.

(Me, Terry, Kacie)

(Me, Rodger who was one of the designers)

(Kacie, Me)

During the White party Kacie and I were interviewed by Modelinia.
If you don't know, Modelinia is a huge fashion website. Anything and everything you'd ever want to know.
I haven't been able to find our interview so if you see it let me know!
When we returned back to the hotel there was a Sean Paul concert going on just down the street.
So we were able to fall asleep listening to his jams.

Coming up is pictures from the show!

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Anonymous said...

The dress looked great! glad it worked out. looks way better on you then it does on me lol. time to hit the gym!!


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