Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Paris (Part 2)

After a long stressful day Tuesday, Wednesday was much better. I made all of my castings, it was really easy to get around, and the Internet was back up and running! Thursday and Friday went the same. Meeting with agencies and catching up on sleep.

Saturday was my last day before I headed off to London. Of course it decided to rain this day! But by the afternoon it cleared up and I was able to go site seeing.

I was in Paris two years ago for two months. And in that time I got to do a lot of site seeing. But there were a few things I skipped out on and really regretted not going. One of which was Notre Dame. I never went inside or up the towers because the line was always two hours long. Luckily, the rain was on my side and I only had a 20 min wait.

Notre Dame

The front door

The ceiling are so high up!!

There were tons of gorgeous stained glass windows

More of the inside

After that, it was up to the towers!!!

400 stairs later....

(Feel free to click on these to see the larger version!)

Some courtyardish thing on the roof


A bell that's no longer used. I heard another bell ring a few times while being there.

Walking back to my hotel I took a picture of a simple bridge

That's the thing about Paris, EVERYTHING is so beautiful. Even a simple bridge is amazing.
It really makes you fall in love with the city and gives you a magical romantic feeling.
I think that everyone should have the opportunity to visit Paris at least once in their lifetime.

I have my London trip for my next post.
Tomorrow I leave for another fabulous trip, which will be posted here soon!
So keep an eye out =]

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