Saturday, November 13, 2010

Cayman Fashion Solstice: Day 3 (The Show)

Incase you missed it, get caught up,

Day 3, Saturday.
The day of the show!!

That morning it was REALLY hard to get out of bed. None of us were getting very much sleep through out the trip and it was starting to really catch up. But I some how made it to breakfast and then it was back to the Ritz for more fittings. The fitting went quickly and a few of us had some downtime before lunch. Off to the beach!!

Kacie and I headed down to the beach at the Ritz. One of the workers set up some chairs for us. When he asked our room number we explained that we were there for the fashion show. He told us that the beach was for guests only. We asked if it was okay to stay since we were there at the hotel working. He asked the manager and told us no.
So we headed to the pool instead. We grabbed two chairs and a few mins later another man came to ask us our room number. Kacie told him #513, which he informed us there was no 513. So we explained to him that we are in the fashion show and half the group is staying at the Ritz. He demanded a name and room number. We said we'd call and find out and he left us alone for a few mins while we pretended to be finding out room numbers. A few mins later he comes back by to tell us that we need a name and number or he'll have to call security.
Meanwhile, there were two other models sleeping on hammocks and another model on the beach. No one was bothering them! I was so angry! There were 200 open chairs so it's not like we were taking up chairs guests needed. We weren't drunk so it's not like we were out of control causing a scene. And I don't want to sound conceded but, we're models! Who doesn't want sexy girls lounging around by their poolside?! It makes the hotel look good. Ugh!
We decided to make it look like we were leaving and go sit by Kelly, who was on the beach. No one else bothered us for the remaining 5 mins that we were there. Then we headed off to lunch.

We had lunch at a small Caribbean buffet place.
Excellent food and amazing iced coffees.

After lunch we went back to the Ritz for hair and makeup!

Me and my dark circles from lack of sleep getting our hair done

Me getting my dark circles covered up =]

There were 10 designers showing in the event.
I walked for 9 of them, but I wore 2 outfits for 1 designer.
So in total I had 10 looks.
Super model Selita Ebanks hosted the show.

The first 5 designers showed. Then there was an intermission, a painting auction, and a performance by IYAZ. Then it was the remaining 5 designers. I had an absolute blast through out the show! It was so much fun. One of the best times I've ever had.
Here's a bunch of pictures from the show!


Ahh so many pictures!

After the show was of course, the after party.
We all piled into a limo and went to a mansion. It was a very beautiful home. We spent some time there eating, drinking, dancing. talking, and having a great time!

Kacie, Indashio, Alva, Me

There's still 2 more days of Cayman fun to cover! =]

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