Friday, January 28, 2011

The Fashion Show: Ultimate Collection

This past Tuesday I was on TV. I've now been on TV 4 times!
This time it was for Bravos The Fashion Show.
The Fashion Show is a competition where clothing designers compete to be the best designer.
A lot like Project Runway.

Tuesday was the airing of the finale of the show.
I walked as one of Calvin's models.
There's a few glimpses of me here and there in the fittings, backstage, and the show.

Congratulations to Jeffery for winning!


In other news....
Here in nyc it has been snow storm after snow storm.
It is turning out to be very unpleasant for castings. Yesterday my shoes, socks, and feet were soaked.
Every cross walk is filled with huge puddles that you have to do acrobatic moves to get over.
Here's what going to castings yesterday looked like....

Yup, That's someones car in there.

I'll be sharing my fashion week madness here soon!

1 comment:

Bobbi said...

You look beutiful. I guess when there is no where to put all the snow might as well make snow characters and have car igloos.

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