Saturday, February 5, 2011

Castings Day 6: Feb 5 2011

Saturday February 5 2011
Castings: 5 castings
Jobs: 1 Fitting
Start: 11 am
End: 6pm

Today was miserable. Not because of castings themselves but because of the weather. It was rainy and miserable. It didn't seem so bad when I left my apartment in the morning, so I didn't take an umbrella. However the misty rain builds up after walking a few blocks and soon everything was soaked.
After my day was over I headed home. It felt so great to take off the wet clothes and put on warm pj's. I made myself a hot cup of tea and crawled into bed. I was thinking about napping when I heard my email go off. Another casting. Which was located right where I just came home from and only 30 mins to get there. So I got dressed and headed back out into the rain.
As much as I hate running around like crazy, I love it every more!
Fashion week<3

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