Saturday, February 12, 2011

Day 13: Feb 12 2011

Saturday February 12 2011
830am - 9pm
2 Jobs, 2 Castings

It was the earliest morning so far this fashion week.
At 830am I had to be at a Calvin Klein run through. For the run through me and about 7 other models were taken to where the Calvin Klein show will be this season. They wanted to time how long the show would be for sound and lighting. So we walked the runway.
While it doesn't mean we are in the show, it was still a really cool job. We got to meet several of the members of the Calvin Klein team and helped the behind the scenes of the show.

After I had 2 castings and enough time to fit in a nap!
The nap was great.
After that it was off the Mac & Milk studios, a big venue for shows, to do the Suno presentation.
Again, I'll include a bigger write up of the Suno show later on.

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