Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 18: Feb 17 2011

Thursday February 17 2011
7am - 10:30pm
3 Shows

Today was the last day of Nyc fashion week!
It felt like the longest day. I had 3 shows today. I put in a 15.5 hour day!
My first show was for Malan Breton. We had a 7am call time!
The show went really well.

After that I quickly ran off to my 2nd show. Adrienne Landau.
We wore silver body suits and our fur coats.

Then I ran up to Harlem for the last show, Adrian Alicea.
I was finally finished at 1030pm.
By this time, the skin on my face hurt so bad from all the shows. As well as started breaking out.
I'll do separate write ups of each show.
as for now, I'm glad and sad that fashion week is over.

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