Friday, February 11, 2011

Day 12: Feb 11 2011

Friday February 11 2011
10am - 9pm
1 fitting, 1 show, & 5 castings

It was a busy day. Running all over the city to different places.
Castings went well. Sometimes I forgot when writing this blog, that not everyone always knows how things go or what certain terms mean. So I say castings, while many of you ask, what happens at a casting?
There's a few different things that can happen at a casting depending on what job it is for.
Since it's fashion week, we'll stick to show castings.

You arrive at the location. Sometimes there's a long wait, sometimes you're the only one.
It's good to already have your heels on. Most of the time I change from flats to heels in the lobby.
You'll meet the client and give them your portfolio, aka your book to look through.
Then they ask you to walk for them, take a picture, and sometimes try clothes on.
Then you thank them for their time, and leave without knowing if they liked you or not as clients have amazing poker faces.

After my castings and fittings it was off the Lincoln Center!
I walked for Venexiana, which I was very excited about.
I'll do a bigger write up of the show in another post.

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